Monday, 3 December 2007

The Top 2 Satellite TV to PC Services And their Rank Online.

Below I have rated and also written a review of the top two satellite TV on PC services with their good and bad points and which I recommend.

1st - Satellite TV For PC 2009 Elite Edition
Over 3000 Channels, Simple To Use, 100% Legal, Works Worldwide & More...
Satellite TV On PC Elite Edition 2007 is not ranked the No.1 Satellite TV to PC Service for no reason. With over 1 Million people worldwide already using the service (myself included!) it's not a surprise that it's popularity is growing daily. After my payment of $49.95 that was it, no extra payments were required and I was on my way. Unlike many other Satellite TV for PC services I had come across which charge either monthly, or don't tell you about the hidden costs, the Elite Edition kept it's word and stuck at the one-off payment of $49.95.

I was amazed at what I got for my money, I couldn't believe the amount of channels I now had access to and all for the same price I'm used to paying for one months Sky TV. Albeit the Satellite TV was faultless, I also found myself with unlimited DVD quality movies to download, along with unlimited TV shows & mp3's as well! I thought to myself it was too good to be true, but I now see why it has become so popular worldwide.

The Elite Edition boasts tonnes of benefits -

- Over 3000 Stations

- Instant Access

- Already owned by over 1 million people Worldwide & growing daily!

- Perfectly Legal: 100% Legal & Safe - No hacking or cracking!

- Works Worldwide

- Helpful Support Team

- No Extra Hardware or TV Card Required

- Very Easy To Use/No PC Knowledge Required: Just install the program and instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC!

- No Subscriptions & No recurring Charges..Ever!

- No Ads, Ad ware Or Spy ware that you get from other services

- Works with All Versions of Windows (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP)

& all for a one-time payment of $49.95!

It is so simple to get started with The Elite Edition, and now with over 10,000,000 users (and growing!) already using it, it must be worth a try! Click HERE to learn more.


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2nd - Satellite TV On PC Titanium
A Huge Selection of Channels, Many Extras...
Satellite TV On PC Titanium service seemed like a cert when I first came across it. After finding this service I was intrigued to use it the only downfall being it cost $99.95. There were many benefits, the one catching my attention was that it had over 4000 channels available.

There were a bunch of extras and bonuses that you also received, however after speaking to my friend Mark, who had used this service before, I found out that all of these extras were not really needed.

He told me that alot of the channels you get that aren't included in Satellite TV For PC 2008 Elite Edition, are channels that aren't in English & some only air at certain hours of the day. It still offered the same as the Elite Edition but in my mind was not worth the extra $50 as the extras were not necessary.

The Titanium's service had a number of positives that outweighed the negatives by far, and would still be worth looking for yourself by Clicking HERE.

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